Articles on Alaska Waterfowl

When we started the Alaska Wildfowl Adventures website, Tim Bouchard had a list of Articles on Alaska waterfowl online for everyone to easily access.  Sadly, a couple versions ago, we lost the articles, so we are starting it  again!

This is the most basic list for now, but Tim will be working  hard to keep updating it.  As a warning most  links will lead  to other websites, but we will always be in the background.

If you find any cool articles, please email Tim at  and we will get it added.

Sea Duck Information Series

Here is some great info  on the basics of each species of sea duck and some of the diver species.  These are all .pdf files. They were created by the Sea Duck Joint  Venture.

Common Eider
King Eider
Spectacled Eider
Steller’s Eider
Black Scoter
White-winged Scoter
Surf Scoter
Barrow’s Goldeneye
Common Goldeneye
Harlequin Duck
Common Merganser
Red-breasted Merganser

Species Status Reports – Sea Duck Venture 2003

Harlequin Articles

Harlequin Ducks Prince William Sound – Telemetry by Alaska Fish and Game Report by Heather and Hannah Rand on Harlquin Ducks in PWS (two young girls – nice slide show)

Eider Articles

Migration and Breeding Ecology of King Eider (Somateria  spectabilis) Nesting in Northern Alaska Steller’s Eider Pilot Satellite Telemetry Study Characterization of the   Beaufort Sea Flyway: Common Eiders and Long-tailed Ducks Steller’s Eider Spring Migration Surveys Secret Life of the Spectacled Eider – Duck Species’ Life During Winter Spectacled Eider – USFWS Threatened and Endangered Species A Major Ecosystem Shift in the Northern Bering Sea – Some possible reason’s for spec eider decline Navigating the Arctic Meltdown – Spectacled Eider – ignore who wrote it. The Subsistence Harvest of Black Brant, Emperor Gese, and Eider Ducks in Alaska Flight of the Sea Ducks – 1979 paper on Eider Migration

Scoter Articles

Characterization of annual migration and habitat use of Black Scoters staging on the Alaska Peninsula Surf Scoter – Prince William Sound Telemetry Black Scoter – Telemetry by Alaska Fish and Game White-wing Scoter  – Telemetry by Alaska Fish and Game 

Old Squaw Articles

Characterization of the Beaufort Sea Flyway:Common Eiders and Long-tailed Ducks

Goldeneye Articles

Coming Soon…..

Merganser Articles

Coming Soon…..

Dusky Goose  Articles

Identification Field Guide to the Geese of the Willamette Valley and Lower Columbia River
A great guide to help identify the geese in PWS also.

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