Our Equipment

At Alaska Wildfowl Adventures we have a variety of boats for the all the types of hunting we do. From our 18′ Alweld aluminum sleds with jets to hunt puddlers and geese in the shallows to our 30′ Alumaweld as a tender for our layout hunts.  For the last 12 years we have hunt ducks in Alaska and know what works.  These may not look like your typical duck hunting boats, but they are what is needed to get the job done with our Alaska Duck Hunting Equipment.

Tenders & Gunning Boats


 sea_hunter_small“Sea Hunter”

Our newest fleet member is this custom Alumaweld 29′ Offshore Pilothouse powered by twin Yamaha 225hp motors. We have heard of other guides having weather days, but we just don’t know what they are with Sea Hunter in our fleet. We use it as our tender for layout hunts and drop off vessel for shore blinds. Sea Hunter will take more weather than you want to be in and it gives us a comfortable covered ride where ever we want to go hunt for the day.








SeaDuck“Sea Duck”

Sea Duck has been in our fleet for the last 6 season, many of our hunters have enjoyed this great 22′ Hewescraft SeaRunner with a heated cabin. You would be hard pressed to find a more fixed up 22′ boat. With the addition of a new top and radar this boat has everything you can imagine in a 22’ boat.




skiffs “KBG” & “Chupacabra” – Open Skiffs.

The KGB is a 18′ SeaRunner and the Chupacabra is a 20′ Klamath.  These two open skiffs making great calm weather gunning boats.  We love to use them on those days it is perfect out and we can shoot directly out of the boats.  Both of these boats small enough to get into any tidal flat, but can handle the wind if it kicks up.








layout_boat_equipmentLayout Boats

Since 2008 we have been offering layout boat hunts! We use Lake Bonneville layout boats for these hunts. We have single man layouts right now, but have already ordered a 2 man layout for the 2015 season!! With the addition of Sea Hunter as a tender we can now carry this larger boat with ease and it will make a great addition to the hunts.




pitboss_harlequin_decoysThe Decoys:

The majority of our decoys are Greenhead Gear decoys rigged on  long-lines, from Goldeneyes to Eurasian Widgeon.   At last count we are at 34 dozen GHG duck decoys!

During the 2009 season we also started using Capt Jeff Coats (aka Pitboss) Cork Harlequin decoys. These amazing decoys have already had well  over 200 harlequin shot over them in their first season!  We use these both in Valdez and on Adak.  Jeff makes a great decoy!

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